Did Alex Murdaugh pay a drug dealer over $2.8 million in just two years.

Update. Click here for New details in Alex Murdaugh’s case; judicial overreach, rubberstamping, extortion, insurance fraud, and a link to Bank of America.

Attorneys for Gloria Satterfield’s estate uncovered another million dollars that Alex Murdaugh paid to Eddie Smith, his alleged drug dealer and co-conspirator in what investigators call a failed assisted suicide plot. (Colleton County Detention Center)

Prosecutors have uncovered another million dollars that Alex Murdaugh paid to Eddie Smith. Drew Tipp is reporting that Eddie Smith was Alex Murdaugh’s drug dealer and a co-conspirator Murdaugh’s failed suicide plot. Eric Bland, one of the Gloria Satterfield estate’s lawyers said that he discovered more than $2.8 million in personal and cashier’s checks that Murdaugh wrote to Smith in just a couple of years.

“The fact Murdaugh had been paying Smith was first revealed in a joint November report by The State and The Island Packet newspapers. Reporters Jon Monk and Jake Shore obtained copies of cashier’s checks totaling $155,970 Murdaugh paid Smith. Bland and his partner, Ronnie Richter, revealed the scope of Murdaugh’s payments to Smith was actually much larger when they outlined over $1.8 million in cashiers checks and personal checks as part of an ongoing lawsuit against Murdaugh related to the death of Gloria Satterfield,” says Drew Tipps from ABC.

Murdaugh and Smith are both under indictment in Hampton County related to the insurance fraud and attempted suicide plot that we reported back in September where Murdaugh was accused of hiring Smith to shoot and kill him so that his son, Buster could collect the $10 million life insurance policy.

Dick Harpootlian, Murdaugh’s attorney says that Smith fed Murdaugh’s opioid addiction that contributed to Murdaugh’s allegedly stealing $6.2 million from his clients, family, friends, and colleagues. Smith says that Alex Murdaugh is setting him up and that all he ever did was odd jobs for him.

Twenty-one more charges have been filed against Murdaugh since our last report. Murdaugh is now charged with 48 crimes related to fraud, money laundering, and financial misconduct. Judge Lee superseded Judge Newman’s order of no bond by setting a $7 million on Monday. Will more money show up?

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