SC attorney, Alex Murdaugh pled not guilty to killing his wife and son.

Alex Murdaugh pleaded not guilty on Wednesday to murdering his wife and son.
Lewis M. Levine/AP

Just last week Alex Murdaugh, a prominent South Carolina attorney was indicted for murdering his wife and son on top of charges for breaching of trust with fraudulent intent, money laundering, computer crimes, forgery, a scheme to commit suicide, insurance fraud, obtaining goods by false pretenses, obtaining property by false pretenses, and a scheme to defraud the victim.

On Wednesday, Alex Murdaugh pled not guilty to killing his wife and son. Murdaugh’s attorneys Dick Harpootlian and Jim Griffin say that they requested a speedy trial because Murdaugh is innocent and they believe that the “killers are still at large”. In a previous statement from Murdaugh’s lawyers, they said that Alex Murdaugh “wants his family, friends, and everyone to know that he did not have anything to do with the murders of Maggie and Paul. He loved them more than anything in the world”.

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New details in Alex Murdaugh’s case; judicial overreach, rubberstamping, extortion, insurance fraud, and a link to Bank of America. 

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What happened to Mallory Beach? The boat crash Alex Murdaugh, the prominent South Carolina attorney is being sued over. 

Alex Murdaugh paid a drug dealer over $2.8 million in just two years. 

Is prominent South Carolina attorney Alex Murdaugh a monster?

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