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Supposed FDLS prophet jailed in Arizona after forcing children to have group sex.

San Diego’s Child Welfare Service denies showing records of 11-year old that was killed by adoptive parents that were border patrol, volunteer police, and an ordained elder.

Father says police did not care about his daughter even though the case may be linked to JonBenét Ramsey’s death.

Horrific abuse at Texas school finally leads to arrests.

Thomas Valva’s NYPD Dad found guilty of murder. His mother suing for $200 million.

Banishing Heroes

Are lawyers re-victimizing abuse victims?

Teens taken against their will. More horror stories from AGAPE Boarding School.

Florida jailers accused of paralyzing and starving a man to death.

The girl in the basement became a doctor. Hear Angela’s story.

Forty guardian ad litems conspiring against children led to at least one girl’s death.

False memories because of psychotropic drugs prevented testimony in a sex trafficking case.

9-year-old girl sold for $3,000

A newborn baby allegedly sold through a church organization


Parents fear their children will die in Texas custody.

Missouri AG battles to protect children at AGAPE.

JROTC instructors have been accused of sexual misconduct with students, some are never investigated.

Man sentenced after sending gifts to his children.

ACLU of Nebraska is undermining rights to accurate birth certificates.

Aaron Carter is jumping the hoops to get his son back from the court.

At least 1 foster child rescued from a New Mexico home.

Arkansas man accused of multiple crimes against children.

Incarcerated women were sexually attacked by officers who are not charged.

Jim Jordan confronts the DOJ over parents being targeted as domestic terrorists.

Matt Gaetz asked the DOJ if Hunter Biden a national security threat.

Steven Hoffenberg, Jeffrey Epstein’s mentor was found decomposing.

Prisoners are guinea pigs for doctors who have lost their license.

August is child support month, why not support them?

250,000 unaccompanied migrant children release to US sponsors.

700,000 plus pieces of new evidence delays Dennis Perkins trial.

Officers assaulted children in a juvenile facility.

How Foster Children Become Trafficking Victims.

AZ court orders fit Dad to pay child support.

Wisdom from Chief Dan George

What took the FBI so long to arrest this child rapist?

Designer babies are possible.

The “Road to Healing” for Native Americans is headed for Michigan, Aug 13th.

Pastor accused of grooming a 15 year old girl

Creeps in offices…

State agencies steal foster children’s social security money.

Stephen Smith’s death may be linked to Alex Murdaugh.

Texas Mom upset that her daughter’s killer will not face charges.

SC attorney, Alex Murdaugh pled not guilty to killing his wife and son.

Invisible epidemic…Every child should be safe, and we should all want that.

deep down…pain and trauma dwell within trees just like they do in you and me,

Must Read Article and More…Adoptees who publicly support Roe targeted by anti-abortion activists: ‘What if you were aborted?’

Did the U.S. want to assassinate Julian Assange over Vault 7?

Protest breaks out after Pennsylvania hires the Ohio officer that killed Tamir Rice.

Secret Service Director James Murray retiring to work for SnapChat.

Herschel Walker accused of deceiving elderly and people that do not speak English.

Sabrina’s foster care story.

What IF we could publicly review the Dept of Health?

Let’s apply what we learn from veterans with PTSD to foster children with PTSD.

Abortion activists hound the South Dakota Governor.

Homeland Security said the US is facing a “heightened threat environment”.

Watergate’s Wine-Banks thinks of ways to convict Donald Trump on hearsay.

A jury decides if Nikolas Cruz gets the death penalty.

Missouri House Representative, Tricia Derges resigns, convicted of 22 federal charges.

Jayland disarmed. Police shot him 60 times anyway.

Pregnancy crisis: Resources

Human rights activists triumph the rollback of Roe V Wade abortions.

Uvalde mother says police are targeting her.

Connie Reguli, founder of Family Forward Foundation sentenced on felonies.

Thomas Valva’s mother suing child protective services and the school district.

Uvalde refuses to release body cam footage.

The Flash Star, Ezra Miller accused of grooming, abusing, and child trafficking.

Senators want Bridge City Center for Youth shut down.

Harmony’s Parents are fighting over parental rights, but where is Harmony?

Free Assange; Free the Press.

Wrongful death lawsuit against San Diego group home for foster youth.

Police Chief gets 9 months for illegally removing children.

Chicago Police Officer quits after attacking a woman.

Tips for Runaways.

Predators put themselves where they have access to children.

Police Officer and his wife finally arrested for sex crimes against children decades ago!

Did Amy Coney Barrett go through a reputable adoption agency? Is she an abuser?

Louisiana Senate passes a bill that allows adoptees to request birth certificates.

Retired police officer arrested with a BB gun and ammo outside of Capitol. No, it is not a joke.

A Class-Action lawsuit was filed against Alaska’s foster care system.

Woman settles with biased Florida court that retaliated against her.

Should children never have access to an addicted parent?

Guardian ad litems cover-up sexual abuse.

70 sex-trafficked children found in Texas, Colorado, and Mexico; Operation Lost Souls

Access Resources

Kanakuk Kamps leadership is accused of lying to cover up years of sexual abuse.

Congressman Jaoquin Castro asked the FBI to investigate the Uvalde school massacre.

Uvalde parents tased and arrested for trying to save children.

Police Do Not Protect the Public. That was the 2005 court ruling.


Sex trafficking arrest in Georgia after NJ receives a tip.

As Josh Duggar appeals not everyone thinks that 12 ½ years is enough.

FBI, DOJ, NSBA, and the White House collaborated to label parents domestic terrorists.

A 15-year-old trafficked from a Dallas Mavericks game found in Oklahoma: 8 arrested.

135 teachers accused of child sex crimes already this year. 102 cases involve students.

Find out what’s in Hunter Biden’s Emails, 128,000 posted.

Michael Sussman, the Clinton campaign lawyer accused of lying to FBI is on trial.

Remember when Paris Hilton Went to DC? Here is the foster child’s story.

New details in Alex Murdaugh’s case; judicial overreach, rubberstamping, extortion, insurance fraud, and a link to Bank of America.

Student bullied out of school for claiming that “sex exist”, and men breastfeeding.

Irish Women in Harmony on tour to support artist goals and domestic violence victims.

City employee accused of being an “angry mother” who killed her daughter.

Find Parental Rights information and other resources in your state:

Hulu’s new Documentary, “Keeper of the Ashes: The Oklahoma Girl Scout Murders” premieres May 24.

Ashley Judd opens up about her mother’s death.

Marvel’s Zara Phythian and her husband, Victor Marke convicted of 14 child sex offenses.

“People don’t want to adopt drug babies”, one foster parent said.

Bucha children’s Camp Radiant is being treated as a crime scene.

Juvenile Detention Officer that escape with 3 juveniles, captured with the juvenile escapees.

Dad wanted custody for years! Now, he needs support after his children were killed.

NASA sending nude pics to space.

John Hopkins Center for the Prevention of Child Sexual Abuse hires a professor that defends it.

Lost identity. JJ’s story.

Indian Affairs releases report of boarding school burial sites across the country.

City employee arrested after one juvenile refused to perform a sex act for him.

Georgia sheriff arrested for groping Judge Hatchett.

Alabama jailer that was on the run with an inmate committed suicide.

Same-sex couples are 7 times more likely to foster and adopt than opposite-sex couples.

Disturbing revelations about Naomi Judd’s medical care before she died.

Family court judges admonished after shackling attorneys and erupting in “fits of rage”.

Prosecutor says Madeleine McCann was Sold to a Pedo Ring that Killed Her.

Transgender New Jersey woman sentenced to 25 years for child porn involving his own 7-year-old daughter!

Judge isn’t even sure that God will forgive woman that tortured adopted children.

Experts disagree on the use of predictive analysis to target repeat offenders.

Prosecutor hopes to teach other prosecutors what she has learned through the adversarial process of setting an innocent man free.

The exhaustion of telling our stories and the reactions we get.

The “Abolition of Abortion in Louisiana Act of 2022” passed Louisiana’s House Committee for the Administration of Criminal Justice.

Onslow County School teacher charged with secretly recording undressed students

Naomi Judd’s death was ruled a suicide after a long fight with severe depression.

Oregon Chief Administrative Judge arrested on 10 counts of encouraging child sex abuse.

Scientology workers say they were trafficked as children on cruise ships.

Assistant Prosecutor’s daughter’s death ruled a homicide by medical neglect.

Ascension Parish Sheriff’s Officer fired and arrested on child pornography charges.

Predictive policing approved to target certain individuals in certain neighborhoods.

Foster care solutions.

Foster “mother” finds out that the government can take whatever they want from her too!

Sixto Cancel talks about foster care on PBS, Think of Us

Is the foster care system causing more harm than good?

Officers that killed 3-month-old La’Mello Parker were cleared.

Connie Reguli, Family Forward Project Founder faces possible jail time.

Labels Matter. A happy American can be seen as a confused lunatic in Japan.

42.5 million American adults suffer from some mental illness.

Most foster children are missing doctor’s appointments.

Unaccompanied youth make up 50% of the homeless youth population and they are unsheltered.

Funding stream to keep families safe and connected.

Trafficking report from the Department of State even says that foster care is a problem.

Family is the best way to keep the predators away.

How does adoption affect the biological family?

Auditors Request that Governor Bryant be investigated after Mississippi Today series

Ohio jailer sexually assaulted inmates in the mental health unit.

College professor charged for murder of a 6-week-old adopted baby boy.

U.S. says that 300,000 American children are at risk of being trafficked into the sex industry this year!

Decades of data connecting child welfare systems with human trafficking.

Ex-Police officer guilty on all six charges stemming from January 6th.

Another Alabama correctional officer sentenced for abusing inmates.

Louisiana pastor wrapped tape around the student’s heads to keep their mouths shut.

Louisiana State Criminal Investigator charged with falsifying documents in two parishes and a hit-and-run.

Man acquitted in Capitol Riot Trial.

America has a problem!

Child protection investigator arrested. The use of body cameras is being tested.

A state by state evaluation of foster care and human trafficking

Government overreach exposed. Child Protective Services loses America’s trust.

Hunter Biden helped with bioweapons in Ukraine, emails show.

Biden Foundation for the Protection of Children did NOT spend the money on the children, allegedly.

Two LA County Sheriff’s offices are accused of conducting “gang activity”.

Most sex trafficking victims are from foster care. Still, the problem persists.

Healthcare reform.

Brittle Bone Disease (osteogenesis imperfecta). Baby Isaiah’s Story:

Chicago Public Schools settles lawsuits with two families.

How does adoption affect a child?

Illinois judge and Disney employees arrested in Florida human trafficking sting:

Illinois Representative Weber on Inaction at DCFS

Baby Cyrus Was Returned Home Today!

Hunter Brittain’s killer, Arkansas Deputy, Michael Davis sentenced to a year in jail and $1,000.

Supporters gathered to keep Harmony Montgomery’s name and picture out.

From Florida to California, the foster care system is broken.

Kash Jackson, Arkansas man running for governor jailed.

Ammon Bundy was arrested in connection with child welfare case.

Texas halts investigations of parents with transgender children.

Troopers that tell the truth either get fired or have to retire? Testimony in the case of Ronald Greene.

Cynthia Perkins takes the plea deal and pleads guilty to 3 of the 72 counts.

Melanie Curtin faces life. Cyntia Perkins pled guilty to 3 of the 72 counts in plea deal.

13-year-old girl runs to a neighbor with her shock collar to get help.

Judge Jack finds out that the Refuge Ranch sex trafficks children. Governor Abbot starts his own investigation.

The outcomes for foster youth is not good and everyone realizes that.

The search for Orrin and Orson continues. Adoptive “parents” arrested on murder charges.

Mom and Dad fight leads to a lot of death and police opening fire on dad knowing the baby is in the car.

Thousands of child porn videos found in foster home.

Texas Governor Greg Abbot officially directed Family and Protective Services to intervene before children are subjected to sex change procedures.

The Warren and Seth Jeffs Theory of What happened to Serenity

Senator’s city councilman son allegedly sexually assaults a teen and then runs from the police.

Private: A Missouri family is desperately asking for help from lawmakers to intervene in a broken foster care custody case. (Will be made public soon)

Rescuing animals leads to rescuing 5 adopted children……

(dis)Honorable Maricopa County Superior Court judge and her staff mocked and ridiculed people during hearings and trials.

Prince Andrew, Epstein, and Maxwell’s friend, Jean-Luc Brunel dead in prison.

Hitler’s Youth: The White Rose Movement: Passive Resistance to National Socialism.

Sexual assault cover-up at a Christian school lands five in jail: School Superintendent, athletic director, baseball coach, and two secondary principals arrested at Midland Christian school.

Differences between Kinship Guardianship and Adoption.

“Your priorities matter”.

Hush puppies and black history.

Wisdom: What is it? And how does it apply to child welfare cases?

Prince Andrew and Virginia Giuffre reach an agreement on an undisclosed settlement.

Quick facts about the foster care system crisis.

Unvaccinated parents are losing their children to the foster care and adoption industry.

Where is Serenity?

Texas dad accused of shaking his baby may get another chance after spending 20 years on death row.

Montana family members, foster parents, legislators, and mental health professionals ask for Montana’s foster care system to change.

Alex Murdaugh hit with 27 new charges.

US and Canadian border agents recovering bodies, some still alive after human smuggling operation goes wrong.

Ghislaine Maxwell is willing to give up 8 names before her sentencing in June 2022.

Court of Appeals upholds the 6 year sentence and $100,000 fine given in Arkansas to Maricopa County Arizona Assessor Paul Petersen who ran an illegal adoption scheme.

Police seen digging around Harmony Montgomery’s home. Step-mother faces 9 new charges.

CNN’s producer John Griffin slapped with $15M child sex trafficking civil lawsuit.

Foster Children, ages 1 and 2 found tied up in Texas foster home.

David Wade Correctional Facility on trial.

Judge “colorfully” slams Anthony “Troy” William’s request to work at a nonprofit that feeds the poor and hungry.

Director Michael Carvajal and Deputy Director Gene Beasley are resigning from the Federal Bureau Of Prisons.

Where is Harmony Montgomery? The parents are not the only ones that failed Harmony. Children and Youth Services did too.

Some States make birth certificates available to adoptees.

It’s time to empower regular everyday people with some superhuman disability etiquette.

As expected, Durham’s case on Michael Sussmann may not succeed.

Canada to pay First Nations Billions because of the harm caused by the foster care system.

Forever Family didn’t work out. BBC’s, Eleanor Bradford “returns the child” she adopted and promised to be there for.

A traumatized Capitol Police officer says, “We did everything possible to prevent him (Mike Pence) from being hanged and killed in front of his daughter and his wife”.

Catholic Charities got caught illegally selling a newborn baby through the adoption industry.

Police are allegedly Seizing another CNN’s Suspected Pedo Producer’s Equipment.

Adoptive mother accused of exchanging a 9-year-old girl for $3,000 from John Griffin.

“Renewed hope” for Southern courts as qualified immunity case is reversed.

Mom wants to know why it took so long to arrest CNN’s John Griffin and says her daughter wants to advocate “for others like her”. The biological mother of the abused adopted 9-year-old speaks to reporters.

The push for electric vehicles and the use of child labor.

Every inmate should have the opportunities Kim Potter will receive.

Timberlane math teacher arrested on misdemeanor sexual assault in New Hampshire.

Judge sentences woman that tortured 5 adopted children and implies that he is not sure if even God will forgive her.

Broken Arrow man that ran an international child trafficking enterprise leads to children being rescued throughout the US and Norway.

Missouri is looking for more CASA workers. Child advocates are looking for solutions.

CNN producer, John Griffin was a member of a pedophile ring that raped and groomed adopted children, and the FBI knew about it.

Foster care placements turn out to be “a living hell”.

“Dad’s on Duty” is expanding across the states to make a difference in all schools.

Montana foster child speaks.

Join the research project on the United States child welfare system.

Judah’s Law. Department of Children and Families failed again.

Two teachers changed a child’s name and sex identity. Mom found out!

What happened to Mallory Beach? The boat crash Alex Murdaugh, the prominent South Carolina attorney is being sued over.

Alex Murdaugh paid a drug dealer over $2.8 million in just two years.

Why Emily founded the Lacey Hope Project. A sex trafficking survivor’s story.

U.S. funds FBI to target parents.

33 people were arrested in Panama City in a 4-day sting, “Operation Dirty Santa”.

Child protection caseworker stalked a mother demanding sex in exchange for her daughter!

You Can Help Set Peter Max free from court-appointed guardians and attorneys.

“Nobody believed me when I said I was sick.” Colby Bray’s parents sue the Idaho Department of Juvenile Corrections.

John Griffin, CNN producer is charged with sexually grooming young girls.

Police chief found guilty of distributing child porn.

Arkansas Department of Health received poor reviews.

NASCAR names associated with Jeffrey Epstein.

Julian Assange is to be extradited on 18 charges in the U.S. for publishing documents the government did not want people to know about.

10th Biennial Adoption Initiative Conference

Troy Roberts follows-up on an international adoption story he did in 1997. Hear Sabrina’s story and his.

Arthur’s death could have been prevented. An “independent” review is underway, but no one is taking responsibility.

County Sheriff convicted of bribery of a witness and harboring a felon sentenced to prison.

Pastor accused of sex crimes found dead in parking garage.

Baltimore City homicide prosecutor is accused of abusing court processes to stalk his exes.

“Harris County commissioners unanimously approved a plan to target repeat offenders in certain neighborhoods”.

Kevin Strickland is free after 40 years. Prosecutor hopes to teach other prosecutors what she has learned through the adversarial process of setting an innocent man free.

It’s International Disability month! It’s also time to empower regular everyday people with some superhuman etiquette.

Department of Human Services discovers that the Mennonite Church trafficks children for the use of forced labor.

The left-out parent.

Foster child regularly abused, sedated, restrained, and locked in seclusion. Uvea Spezza-Lopin’s story.

Kyle Rittenhouse says his lawyer, Linn Wood left him in jail to be famous!

“Mikaela’s Law” to hold guardians ad litems accountable for what happens to children under their watch.

Turpin children’s court-appointed public guardian (GAL) got the money. They didn’t. Victim’s advocate cried.

November is national runaway month.

Proud Boys say they are tortured and confined to inhumane conditions often associated with solitary confinement because of their beliefs.

District attorney caught bribing witnesses and lying to get his way in court.

Family separations are cutting at the very core of our society. Human rights violations contribute to conflict.

Instead of Critical race theory let’s talk about time.

Sexual predators abound in prominent offices from Louisiana to West Virginia. Sheriff Jack Strain, sexual predator guilty on ALL counts. DA Walter Reed was allowed to serve his short sentence at home.

$450,000 Per Person to illegal immigrants whose families were separated at the border. What about the 45 Million American families that have been separated by the US government? Zero.

Church leaders protected the church for decades, not the children. Nebraska AG now releasing a report.

DNA does not make the Dad, it just means that Dad has to pay child support to the man that wants to be Dad, according to an Arizona court.

Designer babies and eliminating sickness and disease are within human reach.

Speaking of the foster care to prison pipeline….

Please don’t kill him’: Mom says she pleaded with police before they shot her son

Hearing that adopted children were abused freaks out an advocate that was abused as an adopted child herself.

Judge rules that case can be “kept secret” after Prince Andrew accused Virginia Giuffre of procuring “slutty girls” and fabricating charges against him for a “payday”.

DCF worker arrested in human trafficking sting,

Maybe U.S. foster care isn’t so bad…if you are a killer from another country. Heather Mack reunites with her daughter Stella after being deported back to the states.

Dad rescues daughter from sex trafficking, kills boyfriend and …..more to come

Judge caught plundering a dead man’s home while his wife was in it!

Indian nations are rising to save their children from more government genocide.

High school drag pageant featuring male teens in lingerie giving lap dances to staff…..

15 to 40 for sexually assaulting foster children.

Child protection workers discuss their experiences working for Foster Care.

Serial rapist worked for the CIA and was a U.S. Embassy staffer.

Paris Hilton joins Uvea Spezza-Lopin in calling for more oversight into treatment facilities that warehouse vulnerable children.

Prosecutor was disbarred for deliberately lying about documents that undermined the credibility of an FBI agent. He’s been lying since 1981!

Louisiana State Police’s top brass’ son may be the most prolifically violent trooper in recent years.

How did a little girl from Chattanooga end up in a refugee detention camp in Syria?

People can develop false memories. A look at Ronald Cotton’s Case shows that memories can be false.

South Carolina prosecutor so horrifically abused his children that the police cannot stand to watch the videos and look at the photos.

Is prominent South Carolina attorney Alex Murdaugh a monster?

How sexual education programs for middle school students are developed.

Aphasias: What is it? Learning after a brain injury looks promising.

What we learn from veterans with PTSD.

When the addictions counselor is addicted.

12-year-old Spanish-speaking adopted girl abused in adoptive placement by Kala Blakely who runs a family health care clinic.

The history of gendering in early education:

Mandated Reporting in Arkansas

He sexually assaulted inmates all over the US for almost a decade before he was arrested.

Baby Isaiah’s Story: Brittle Bone Disease (osteogenesis imperfecta).

U.S. Administration secretly flying children from the borders.

The future of children in foster homes is not too bright! Why?

Mental health experts can’t agree on a diagnosis. Jordan could have been Jeremiah.

How did church leaders go unnoticed for so long? “Their word was golden”.

Three year old separated from her family over covid vaccine disagreement.

Judge says the Indian Child Welfare Act is racially discriminatory against white people.

Child Protection agencies failed to respond to multiple calls that would have prevented 4-year-old Charlie Garay from being killed in Rotterdam foster care.

4-year-old Lincoln County NC Boy Found Safe at Grandmother’s House

Laurent Martinez on sex abuse inside the church

Charges dropped against “the girl in the closet”

Arkansas State Police used Facebook moderation tools to censor comments on its Facebook page???

A city councilman, a teacher, a professor, a firefighter, a pilot, and municiple employees arrested. 161 suspects, only 10 Missing Children Rescued.

Life, Death, and Destiny, a Biblical view

Interesting articles about increasing self-esteem

Britney Spears is in the news again over the conservatorship, and why not? There is a lot of money on the table and the courts are sure to drag this out as long as possible.

Lawsuit claims in Luzerne County Correctional Facility failed to train officers in suicide prevention because they did not want to be trained. The result was several preventable deaths.

When anxiety threatens to take over our daily lives, what can we do?

Rebloggin TAO’s The Art of Dismissing the Adoptee’s Voice….by rebloggin the “forbidden family”….

Milwaukee’s juvenile judge pleads guilty to child porn charges

UK police officer arrested, raped, and killed Sarah Everard after finishing his shift at the US embassy.

W.H.O. & U.N. exposed in the Congo sex abuse Ebola crisis scandal

Too few lawmakers address foster youth aging out or the failed foster care system. Let’s fix it.

State worker arrested on child pornography charges one day after adopting 4 kids admits he is attracted to children.

What family and friends can do to help a loved one with an addiction.

Louisiana State Police Officer Indicted on Federal Civil Rights Charge.

Yes! Class action status against Wade Correctional Center in Claiborne Parish, Louisiana means advocates can move forward.

Baby dies in custody. The guard shows up 12 hours later.

The U.S. vendetta on Julian Assange reads like a James Bond movie with Mike Pompeo.

Hundreds of inmates in New York jails will soon be going home.

Pastor convicted of child sex abuse. Alicia is awarded $1.5 million, but says it’s not about the money.

House Speaker Dennis Hastert pays “Hush Money” just days before the trial.

Borderline Personality Disorder or Adoptee? — Finding Joy…….

Michael Sussmann Indicted for Lying To FBI In Russia Probe

What happened to mandated reporting? Missouri mandates.

Police officer pleads not guilty to violating a 14 year old boys civil rights.

Louisiana Prison Teacher Arrested

Want Your Story in the Library of Congress? Desperate People Pouring Their Hearts Out To Desperate People. How do we tell their stories in a way that benefits them? And society?

A Georgia Prison Riot Leads to Feds Launching an Investigation

Settlement in Title VI Retaliation Matter with the Florida State Courts System

School board members may face criminal charges over high school course material that a judge called “child pornography”.

How to deal with sabotage in the workplace.

Juvenile Officer Sentenced for Assaulting Youth

DOJ tightens restrictions on chokeholds, carotid restraints and no-knock entries.

University of Pittsburgh Harvesting Organs From LIVING Babies And Getting FEDERAL Funds For It.

Substance abuse and trust.

Judge kills himself as feds arrive to arrest him for sexually exploiting children.

Going state by state to change legislation for equal Shared Parenting, false accusations, and custodial interference.

ASFA 1997 Incentivized Foster Care ~a result

Genetic Enhancements and Brain Machine Interfaces

The Biological Basis of PTSD

How to approach a legislator, lawyer, judge, and any other important person in a legal case.

17 Tips for Professionals Addressing Abuse

Abraham Lincoln’s Lyceum Address ://

Parents are birdnesting to keep their children in their homes.

Mom got $9.6M. Now the daughter is suing the state after a wrongful removal. A look at the Right To Lie Case.

NOT ᗰY ᑕᕼIᒪᗪ — Samantha Waters

Cloning. If humans are cloned, are they property?, or humans?

Stem Cells, Cloning, Genetic Enhancements, Brain-Machine Interfaces, and rapidly growing technological advances in science.

Fostered or Forgotten?

Advice from a mom shoved in the system:

Should healthcare managers use social media?

Words Matter.

Is the foster care to prison pipeline the only answer for children whose parents have mental health conditions? Addictions?

Healthcare Reform 2021

Runaways, Mental Health, and Homelessness

Is It Ever Appropriate to “coerce” children into loving someone through force and court orders?

Homeless People


What I wish I had known. Case Preparation Child Welfare Cases.

Case #8300

Do the best you can until you know better.

States that make birth certificates available to adoptees. Adoptee and a birth mother resources and hugs.

Adopted children in your classrooms.

Pastor, board member of a foster parent association, a father of adopted children himself, Sentenced to 30 for producing and transporting child pornography

88% of children rescued in sex trafficking operations were trafficked from state custody!

Child Sex Trafficking and the Child Welfare System

How Foster Care Youth Become Trafficking Victims

Let’s talk about adoption

The Journey Begins

Minding Hearts is building advocacy and peer support groups in each state.  The groups are created to raise awareness, educate, and advocate for those that might not otherwise be heard. We are here for encouragement, education, and support. We cannot give legal advice, but we can try and direct you in the right direction with your case. Links to legal services are listed with their states. Please share and let’s grow our groups. We are here to support families and develop resources that maintain family integrity. We look forward to your support. If you would rather become active by donating, then visit the donation page..


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March 2023

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