What happened to mandated reporting? Eastern District Court of Missouri Recused From Family Court

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The entire Eastern District Court of Missouri has recused its judges from a lawsuit in the Missouri family court system. Missouri’s Family Court System is so bad that investigative reporter, Megan Fox created a catalog to keep up with the cases!

Lawsuits filed by Attorney Evita Tolu in the 21st Judicial Circuit Court of St. Louis claim that the guardian ad litem (GAL) Elaine Pudlowski, psychologist Dr. James Reid, and therapist Jennifer Webbe VanLuven, conspired to diagnose a child with a fraudulent mental disorder. A leaked email from Judge Michael Burton and a leaked Zoom call with almost forty guardian ad litems conspiring to help Pudlowski led to Burton resigning in August.

The lawsuit was dismissed and the defendants got away with their crimes when they were awarded immunity. Attorney Evita Tolu appealed arguing, “Judicial immunity for court professionals exists not for the protection or benefit of a malicious court professional, but for the benefit of the public, and it is not limitless.” She further argues that according to the law the allegations of overbilling and violating court orders and professional standards do not meet the requirements for judicial immunity.

Attorney Evita Tolu later filed a motion to disqualify the District Court stating that the judges of the Court of Appeals for the Eastern District should recuse themselves because of their close professional and possibly personal relationships with retired Judge Mooney, whose spouse is a defendant. The Eastern District issued an order granting the motion.

There are other lawsuits against the same court professionals. Apparently Missouri legislators know that there is a problem with the Missouri Court but they have not taken any action for accountability to add integrity back to the court.

A mother is sued Elaine Pudlowski, Frankel Rubin, Klein, Payne and Pudlowski, P.C., James D. Reid, James D. Reid PhD, LLC, Brian Dunlop and Dunlop and McCarter for violation of 42 U.S.C and injunctive relief. According to the complaint, the guardian ad litem, Frankel was Pudlowski’s employer and is responsible for her conduct. Devon Arseneau alleges that “Pudlowski acted outside the scope of her licensure, expertise, and terms of her court appointment by misrepresenting her qualifications for this case to the court. Devon Arseneau alleges Pudlowski has no training in the following: mental health issues; alcohol or drug addiction; medicine; trauma, domestic violence; sexual abuse of children; or childhood and adolescent development, yet determined and represented to the court that the child was not at risk”.

Court medical records reveal a history of mental health issues and psychotropic medications incongruent with Reid’s diagnosis of the Plaintiff’s former husband. Reid admitted to falsifying elements of the report, but the reports continue to be handed out to certain professionals per the court order.

Brian Dunlop, the guardian ad litem for Austin Arseneau, intentionally blocked reporting of sexual abuse so that it would not be addressed in court proceedings and refused to allow his client’s therapist to testify. Dunlop also allegedly failed to seek therapy for his client while the child was being molested. What happened to mandated reporting?

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