Michael Sussmann Indicted for Lying To FBI In Russia Probe

Update: As reported earlier, Durham’s case against Michael Sussman may not succeed. It did not. Michael Sussman, Hillary Clinton’s 2016 presidential campaign lawyer was found not guilty of lying to the FBI

A grand jury indicted Michael Sussmann, of Perkins Coie law firm, for allegedly lying to the FBI general counsel about who he was working for when he relayed information about Trump.

The indictment was sought by Special Counsel, John Durham, whom the Trump administration named special counsel to investigate the Russia probe, “A federal grand jury has returned an indictment against cybersecurity attorney Michael Sussmann, who represented the Democratic National Committee in connection with the 2016 Russia hack, accusing him of lying to the FBI about who he was representing”.

The grand jury indictment accuses Sussmann of lying in a statement “to the General Counsel of the FBI by saying that he was not acting on behalf of any client in conveying particular allegations concerning a Presidential candidate, when in truth, and in fact, as the defendant well knew, he was acting on behalf of specific clients, namely, Tech Executive-1 and the Clinton Campaign.”

Sussmann’s attorneys said he “has committed no crime” and that a prosecution “would be baseless, unprecedented and an unwarranted deviation from the apolitical and principled way in which the Department of Justice is supposed to do its work….We are confident that if Mr. Sussmann is charged, he will prevail at trial and vindicate his good name”.

Case 1:21-cr-00582-CRC Document 1 Filed 09/16/21

Durham’s case on Michael Sussmann may not succeed.

A new legal filing claims that Hillary Clinton paid hackers to mine data and link Trump to the hoax. The filing says, “Tech Executive 1 and his associates exploited this arrangement by mining the EOP’s DNS traffic and other data for the purpose of gathering derogatory information about Donald Trump”.

Michael Sussman, the Clinton campaign lawyer accused of lying to FBI is on trial.

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