Martinez vs. Uvalde, or Police vs Parent’s rights at school board meetings.

Adam Martinez on the right. Uvalde CISD Chief of Police Joshua Gutierrez on the left.

Adam Martinez’s children attended Robb Elementary during the shooting that happened in May of 2022. Twenty-one people were killed that day and Martinez later questioned the police chief over hiring practices regarding an officer who was just hired that is not eligible to work at other departments. Uvalde CISD Chief of Police Joshua Gutierrez then retaliated. He banned Adam Martinez from all school property and escorted him out.

FIRE, the Foundation for Individual Rights and Expression whose mission is to defend and sustain the individual rights of all Americans to free speech and free thought says that after the shooting, Martinez became a vocal public critic of the school district’s security efforts. On February 13, 2023, he attended a school board meeting and approached the school district’s chief of police to discuss a recently hired officer who had been deemed ineligible for rehire by another department. The quiet conversation did not disrupt the meeting. However, in response to Martinez’s calm but impassioned criticism of the district’s hiring practices, the police chief asked Martinez to sit down. When Martinez refused, the police chief said Martinez would be banned from all school property and escorted him and his family from the building. The following day, the district’s interim superintendent sent Martinez a formal letter confirming Martinez’ ban from all district property, including board meetings, for two years. On May 15, 2023, FIRE sent a letter to the Uvalde school board demanding it lift the ban or face a lawsuit. Martinez, like any other concerned parent, wants to be able to visit school property and voice his concerns at school board meetings. He also wants to stand up for his community’s right to attend public meetings and be free from retaliation for criticizing the government.

To support Martinez and FIRE’s effort to protect parent’s rights at school board meetings click here: Adam Martinez adv. Uvalde Consolidated Independent School District

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