Law firm wants to know why the FBI allowed Epstein to sex traffick children since the 1990s.

Marsh Law Firm wrote a letter to Director Wray, Inspector General Horowitz, and Attorney General Garland asking why the FBI failed to investigate allegations against Jefferey Epstein sooner and request further investigation:


“As counsel to many survivors of the Jeffrey Epstein sex trafficking conspiracy, we write regarding the failure of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) to properly, adequately, or timely investigate the sex trafficking of hundreds of girls and young women. The FBI utterly failed to investigate serious allegations….” Marsh Law Firm points out that the FBI and DOJ have known about that Epstein sex trafficked underage children since the 1990s and requests that the FBI, the Department of Justice, and the Attorney General, “In order to ensure the fair and equitable dispensation of justice and accountability, we call on the FBI, the Department of Justice, and the Attorney General to conduct a comprehensive investigation to determine why there was and remains such abject failure to timely investigate, expose, and prosecute this unprecedented, decades-long criminal conspiracy which included not only the sexual trafficking of young women and girls, but also the possession and likely production, distribution, transportation and distribution of possible CSAM as well”.

Read the entire letter by clicking here.

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2 thoughts on “Law firm wants to know why the FBI allowed Epstein to sex traffick children since the 1990s.

  1. The answer is available – sadly I’ve not had a single taker (from my side of the syndicates, protecting victims ) interested in knowing the truth.

    I’ve spent 20 years working with victims walking cases up the chain myself and many times contacting the appropriate agencies or Departments in charge of Investigations to no avail.
    **With one exception which is mentioned below

    The FBI will not bring any charges against the largest – most dangerous, dark child predator syndicates~ until they have watched the statute of limitations tick away so the child rape networks are clear of any possibility of criminal charges.

    For example- simply search any state and the most recent ” investigations ” into the oldest and largest child predator racket in history; The Roman Catholic Church.
    The AG / FBI in charge will recite the same BS after their investigations.
    They will acknowledge several hundred priests were likely guilty, and also hundreds of victims.
    Typically, this is followed by an ” aww shucks ” The statute of limitations has expired – so we can’t bring any criminal charges.

    The above scenario is the usual cookie-cutter response given by the speaking agency after the supposed investigation. There is one exception.

    AG Shapiro of Pa did a legit boots-on-the-ground investigation. They were the only agency that contacted me to compare notes as we had worked with several predators that were roaming back and forth through different states and their victims.

    He is the only one I am aware of who did it and charged anyone he could.

    Attorney General Shapiro was the only one to actively and honestly pursue any criminal charges he could and expose and make public every name every act every cover-up that he could get to the community and the nation because she valued these victims in their early deaths and suicides and the terrible harm that had been happening and many times using parishioners funding and tax dollars to pay for legal fees to protect these people

    The one thing missing from the Pennsylvania Attorney General’s history of Investigations was no Financial ties to any of the Predator organizations. I cannot say that for the rest of the country. Some are hidden well and some not so well here’s an example of the State of Florida and how we the taxpayers are paying for the actual child predators to be protected from the law and their legal needs in many cases as well.

    Here is an example from the state of Florida. Nicely covered up but clearly in the open and public if you want to find it is the list of all funding taxpayer dollars that are going yearly in the form of Grants to different organizations to care for these children who are victims of human trafficking.
    Quite disturbing is to find that not only our taxpayer dollars (giving millions to the very same organization that the FBI is supposed to be investigating )

    Difficult to engage when the predators are tasked with our tax dollars to care for and watch over the victims that they are preying on.

    In the state of Florida, the million dollars I believe we pay annually to the Roman Catholic Church in several different areas is under the human trafficking victims’ efforts.
    Rich in irony- the investigators aren’t investigating- but holding the door shut so that the statute of limitations can run.
    So right out of the gate, there is that.

    Perhaps the attorney that’s probing the Epstein and other child Predators syndicates May want to look into that.

    That is a common denominator throughout the nation except Pennsylvania as I refer to earlier. I’m no lawyer but it seems like there’s a clear-cut conflict of interest having the doj sign up on grant money to organizations that are molesting children to protect children. It sounds like another conflict of interest arises when the agency the top cop in the nation overseas is supposed to be criminally investigating the same group that he’s signing off to give money to. Maybe there’s some tie in there.

    I spent many many months and even years with victims all around the country going through Communications and conversations and statements they had written and turned in to the appropriate agencies to no avail. Recently I completed a book on the topic after 3 and 1/2 years of research and personal experience in this matter. There is a clear immunity in this community of large child predator syndicates.

    Not many will pursue criminal charges whether they have the time or not or the statute open or not. However, even though the priests may continue to live in luxury and work their victims continue to commit suicide at a 30% rate or one in every three approximately by the time they reached adulthood. It seems a shame that the taxpayers and parishioners in the Catholic church have to fund that type of behavior and protect them legally. But that’s for a lawyer to work on.

    If you speak to the attorneys handling this particular instance or issue you can feel free to give my contact information.

    if they have any questions.

    Most of this is in my book but it’s not going to be out for a little while so I’d be glad to help if I can.


    TJ Petri CFT, BSW

    Author – ” Life Sentence”


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