Aaron Carter was jumping the hoops to get his son back from the court.

Update 11/5/2022: We are saddened about the sudden passing of Aaron Carter. Sending prayers to the Carter family. Rest in peace, Aaron

Previously in September 2022:

Aaron Carter said he checked himself into rehab in order to get custody of his son again. aaroncarter/Twitter

Aaron and his fiancée Melanie Martin gave birth to Prince in November 2021. They later split up and Melanie claimed domestic violence and drug abuse. Aaron lost custody of Prince to Melanie’s mother. Since then, Melanie says that she made the whole story up because of postpartum depression. The couple is back together. However, the 34 year old Fool’s Gold rapper voluntarily entered a rehabilitation facility for substance abuse in hopes of getting custody of his 9-month-old son Prince back from family court. Aaron told the outlet that he checked into Lionrock Recovery.

Aaron told the Sun via video conference while he and Melanie were grocery shopping, “It’s an abstinence program and I work with an individual counselor. I do group therapy, parenting classes, domestic violence classes, I got myself certified in CPR, just a lot of different things”.

Aaron says that he needs help to manage “triggers” and quit smoking marijuana. He also says that he has insomnia and is prescribed Xanax. The court ordered the routine mental evaluation.

Carter concluded the interview with the Sun stating that “being a dad is the most important thing to him. I want my son back. That’s the headline right there”.

Read more by Katy Forrester and James Desborough at the Sun, “’I WANT MY SON’ Aaron Carter loses custody of son Prince, 10 months, and checks into rehab- but vows to get his baby back”.

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3 thoughts on “Aaron Carter was jumping the hoops to get his son back from the court.

  1. This is absolutely filled with a bunch of lies. He isn’t doing anything to get his son back. His son has been gone for over 6 months. He hasn’t quit smoking weed or cigarettes. He was just huffing on Instagram Live last week (his drug of choice) he abuses Xanax. Has numerous guns including AR’s all over his house. He has aggressive dogs that he abuses. He spends all his time on social media scamming disabled fans & showing everyone ALL of this. And he DID abuse Melanie. She’s in & out of the picture proving they aren’t stable. He sees his son during supervised visits. Please report factual articles that hold him accountable. There’s well documented evidence that everything I said is true on Twitter.


    1. Are you and your friends happier today? Now that he is dead do you wonder if the hatefulness that he received from so many of you had anything to do with his death today? Let’s pray that the world becomes kinder and more helpful when someone is in need of help.


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