Matt Gaetz asked the DOJ if Hunter Biden a national security threat.

Are we watching a Biden crime spree in progress? Is there an ongoing investigation?

Matt Gaetz TRAPS DOJ Official into Accidentally LEAKING Info on Hunter Biden, presented by Kıymetli El İşleri, Aug 24, 2022

Matt Gaetz asked the DOJ if Hunter Biden a national security threat. He refused to answer questions continuously saying that he could not answer because of a possible ongoing investigation. “We speak through our filings in open court,” replied But it doesn’t seem that way to the rest of the world that is watching and Matt Gaetz pressed forward by asking about the infamous Hunter Biden laptop. Still, no response from DOJ officials. However, Gaetz presses forward saying that whistleblowers from the FBU have gone to Senator Grassley and said that the DOJ is “purposely rat-holing” any information that is that is derogatory about Hunter Biden. Gaetz pressed on even further for information about possible bribes that Hunter might have accepted in Africa. The DOJ’s reply was the same, “That is a possible ongoing investigation, I can, I’m not going to…..”.

Gaetz continues further stating that the DOJ doesn’t want to talk about bribery schemes and other concerns surrounding Hunter Biden’s business dealings, but that the DOJ is targeting parents at school board meetings. Eventually the top DOJ official answers again that they will talk privately or in open courtrooms. The discussion becomes heated about money that is being borrowed and spent on “untrained police officers” and the controversy over defunding the police.

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