Prisoners are guinea pigs for doctors who have lost their license.

phot from the intercept, deadly heat in US prisons spawning lawsuits

Prisoners are guinea pigs for doctors who have lost their license. The result is that people, both convicted and those awaiting trials are dying horrific deaths. Multiple lawsuits have been filed, but the prisons continue to allow these doctors to practice on people that have no choice to go to a licensed doctor.

Dr. Anjali Niyogi, founder of the Formerly Incarcerated Transitions Clinic is a hospitalist at University Medical Center in New Orleans, where she sees critical care patients who transfer from care of the corrections department. For some patients, she said, their pain had escalated to the point that they couldn’t walk. Other patients she says have died painful deaths while incarcerated.

“Doctors working in Louisiana prisons have restrictions on their licenses for widely varying reasons. Some sanctions stem from legitimate, lasting harms done to patients and their communities. Others have restrictions for off-the-clock substance use and/or disorders not currently recognized by the American Psychological Association or the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, like “sex addiction,” said Dr. Anjali Niyogi, “These doctors’ histories also include sexually assaulting patients, writing under-the-table narcotic prescriptions, possessing child pornography, and drinking alcohol on-duty”. 

“10 out of 11 doctors on staff at the Louisiana Department of Public Safety and Corrections have a previous disciplinary action on their record. Of the 10 physicians in the department of corrections with restricted licenses, seven are medical directors of state facilities.”

Read more at Scalawag Magazine, Bad medicine in Louisiana prisons, According to reports obtained by Scalawag, 10 out of 11 doctors overseeing health care for prisoners in the Louisiana Department of Corrections have a restricted medical license, by XANDER ADAMS May 5, 2021.

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