Texas Mom upset that her daughter’s killer will not face charges.

Arlene Alvarez, the nine-year-old girl that Tony Earls fatally shot in the head while she was sitting in the backseat of a pickup truck.

A Harris County grand jury decided not to bring charges against Tony Earls for fatally shooting 9-year-old Arlene Alvarez. Wendy Alvarez, Arlene’s mother told reporters, “I don’t agree with what happened today. I lived that moment and I go back to that day every night, and I know what happened”. Prosecutors say that they are turning their attention to the robbery suspect that Earls claims he was aiming for when he shot Arlene.

Tony Earls believes that he chased down someone that robbed him and shot at him. He says that he heard gunshots and “was under fire before he opened fire”. Arlene was in the back seat of a pickup truck and was shot in the head. She died at the hospital.

“Maybe Earls was not held accountable for his actions, but he knows what intentions he did, with what intentions he shot up our vehicle because self-defense is not more than nine shots. He knew what he was doing, and he knew he was going to intentionally kill whoever was in that vehicle.” Wendy Alvarez told reporters, “It was proven that he never jumped into our vehicle. So, I don’t understand his innocence. He gets to see the light. My daughter doesn’t. My daughter is still down underground”.

Wendy Alvarez’s message to the Houston community is to stop shooting into vehicles. She stated that since her daughter’s death, “there has been shooting after shooting after shooting. What is your point to that? There’s a lot of people dying. There’s a lot of children dying. Our future is dying. What is wrong with you guys? Where is your humanity? Where is your heart? Where is your soul? Why do you have to shoot and kill people? I don’t understand. But there is a God, and God is also a judge. I didn’t agree with what happened today, but I’m going to allow everything to process”.

Houston Crime Stoppers announced a $30,000 reward for information leading to an arrest and conviction of the robbery suspect seen on surveillance video putting a gun in Earls’ wife’s at a drive-thru ATM.

Police released a video of the moment the suspect approached Tony D. Earls and his wife at the ATM and robbing them at gunpoint.

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