Uvalde mother says police are targeting her.

A Uvalde mother, Angeli Rose Gomez rushed to Robb Elementary when she heard there was an active shooter at her two boy’s school. Now she says police are targeting her because she made it passed them to save her children and others.

Gomez said that when she got to the school that the police were not doing what she thought that they would have been doing and that she was told that she could not go into the school and that if she did not cooperate that she would be handcuffed. Gomez planned to go into the school to save her children and police did eventually handcuff her. When she calmed down, the police removed the handcuffs and she made a dash to her children’s classrooms.

“As soon as they take me off the cuff I see his arm like, give me a little gateway, because I’m real little so a little gateway where I can just run.”

She jumped a fence and banged on her oldest son’s class window. She got the attention of the teacher. Gomez told her, “like you already have a gateway out, so might as well just come out like if I’m going to run out with him, y’all just come on too.” She got her oldest son and his classmates out of the school and headed for her youngest son’s classroom, “At this moment I’m jiggling the handle and I’m going pretty nuts like trying to get the door open and it’s not gonna open, so I stand back and the cops are already on me and they’re like “ma’am calm down!,” She tells them to evacuate the school or she won’t leave her spot, “immediately they start evacuating that classroom and my son runs out to me and he’s like, “mom, mom!. I just remember when my son saw my other son, one hugged the other one and said ‘I’m so glad you’re okay’, and the other one said, ‘I was so worried you weren’t.'”

Now Gomez says that Uvalde law enforcement are targeting her. She says that police are even stalking her at home, “the other night we were exercising and we had a cop parked at the corner like, flickering us with his headlights”. She has separated herself from her boys, “just so my sons don’t feel like they have to watch cops passing by, stopping, parking.”

She plans to file a lawsuit and her lawyer, Mark Di Carlo, a criminal defense lawyer from Corpus Christi said that he is gathering information, and, “the fact that he wasn’t fired immediately based upon whatever it is, hours of video, from testimonies such as Angeli’s; is an indication that there is some sort of what, corruption or wrong-doing”. Di Carlo told said that he represents about 15 Uvalde parents.

Angeli Rose Gomez, Mother, speaks about saving her children from Uvalde gunman, WOAI #NEWS4SA #NEWS4SanAntonio

This stroy was on News 4, San Antonio, Mother speaks about saving her children from Uvalde gunman by Chelsea Torres

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