Police Chief gets 9 months for illegally removing children.

It took years for the mother to get this little piece of justice, but the former Marble Hill Police Chief Marc F. Tragesser pled guilty to deprivation of rights under color of law and was sentenced to nine months in federal prison. Officials say that he used excessive force to detain a mother and take her children in 2018 without a court order.

Defense attorney Charles Banks said the chief “was trying to do the right thing, but he did it in the worst manner,” reports Kaitlyn Alanis of the Kansas City Star, “The mother was detained for 90 minutes and only released when she agreed to give her kids to their grandma, officials said. That was the last time the mom saw her kids until March 2019. The grandmother’s son shared children with the woman identified as K.N.C., according to court records. When the woman asked to see a copy of the court order, Tragesser shoved her against the wall, knocking off her eyeglasses, and then handcuffed her. Court records show her boyfriend was also arrested on a ‘kidnapping’ charge”.

Read the original report by Kaitlyn Alanis, Police chief going to prison after lying to Missouri mom and taking her kids, feds say.

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