Retired police officer arrested with a BB gun and ammo outside of Capitol. No, it is not a joke.

Capitol Police also found a BB gun during their search credit: U.S. Capitol Police

Capitol Police arrested 53-year-old Jerome Felipe, a retired NYPD  officer who lives in Flint, Michigan on charges of unlawful possession of high capacity magazines and unregistered ammo. Felipe presented the USCP officers with a fake “Department of the INTERPOL” badge and said that he was “a criminal investigator with the agency”. USCP say that Felipe gave officers permission to search his vehicle where they then found a BB gun, two ballistic vests, several high capacity magazines, and other ammunition in the car.

It sounds kind of harmless but what was a retired police officer doing outside of the Capitol with high capacity magazines and body armor? No real guns were found and investigators are still working to determine the reason Felipe was parked near the U.S. Capitol.

The original announcement comes from the United States Capitol Police, USCP Arrests Man with Fake Badge, Body Armor & High Capacity Magazines.

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