Kanakuk Kamps leadership is accused of lying to cover up years of sexual abuse.

Kanakuk Kamps leadership is accused of lying to cover up years of sexual abuse.

Kanakuk Kamps leadership is accused of lying to cover up years of sexual abuse. Holly Thompson from Nashville WSMV reports that children attending one of the United States’ largest Christian camps, Kanakuk Kamps suffered years of sexual abuse that could have been prevented. She writes, “The family claims the camp’s leadership is guilty of lies and negligence, covering up when they knew about the abuse…and believe they should be held accountable”.

Logan Yandell, now 27 years old, is coming forward with his story with his family’s support. Yandell begin attending Kanakuk in Branson, Missouri, at age 7.

“He was our little boy that we sent to camp to have fun and have a spiritual mentor and have wonderful experiences,” said Christa Yandell, Logan’s mother. “It was just honestly the worst mistake we could have ever made as parents was to send him to that camp,” Holly writes.

She goes onto say that Logan remembers the trust that Pete Newman, the face of Kanakuk Kamps, built with him before molesting him. “He worked for years to groom me into trusting him enough to get into this place where he could, ya know, molest me,” Logan told Holly.

Holly says that in June of 2010, Pete Newman pleaded guilty to seven counts of sexually abusing boys. He is now serving two life sentences, plus 30 years, but that the story doesn’t end there for the Yandells.

Logan Yandell’s parents are now coming forward to say that the years of abuse that their son endured, and the scars that follow him through his life could have been prevented had the camps leadership not neglected to address what was happening to their son and covered ut up with lies. The family believes that the camp’s leadership knew about the abuse and believes that they should be held accountable.

Read more about Logan’s story at Kait8, Family of abuse victim wants answers from Kanakuk Kamps leadership.

Stand with survivors. Click here to sign the petition to Hold Kanakuk Accountable. This petition makes three simple pleas in line with longstanding best practices for responding to policy breaches and abuse allegations:

Victims tell Vice News that they are silenced. Watch the video below:

Minding Hearts is building advocacy and peer support groups in each state. The groups are created to raise awareness, educate, and advocate for those that might not otherwise be heard. We are here for encouragement, education, and support. We cannot give legal advice, but we can try and direct you in the right direction with your case. Links to legal services are listed with their states. Please share and let’s grow our groups. We are here to support families and develop resources that maintain family integrity. We look forward to your support. If you would rather become active by donating, then visit the donation page

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