Congressman Jaoquin Castro asked the FBI to investigate the Uvalde school massacre.

Congressman Jaoquin Castro spoke with someone from the FBI about the Uvalde school shooting.

He listed 4 things that he learned from the conversation, and says, “Like most Texans and Americans, I’m deeply frustrated by the conflicting accounts that state authorities have provided about how events unfolded, and I’m disturbed by law enforcement’s failure to confront and stop the shooter sooner”.

  1. The FBI has mobilized extensive investigative resources to examine the timeline of events in Uvalde and evidence from the scene, working alongside but independent of Texas DPS and the Texas Rangers.
  2. Specialists from the FBI’s Victim Services Response Team will process all items in the school that need to be returned to the families of the victims and the survivors.
  3. The FBI is also leveraging its social media, computer, and cellular analysis teams to online platforms and electronic devices used by the shooter and build a clear timeline of what happened before, during, and after the shooting.
  4. The FBI does not believe the shooter was motivated by a particular ideology and does not believe there were co-conspirators. The shooter was not on the FBI’s radar prior to the massacre.

Congressman Castro also says that he “sent a written letter to the FBI requesting a full, transparent, and public report on the shooting, the timeline, and the response by law enforcement and also asked the FBI to look into whether the shooter was — or should have been — on the radar of law enforcement before the shooting. I will continue to press for answers”. Read his letter here.

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