The exhaustion of telling our stories and the reactions we get.

It is exhausting. It requires a lot of explaining. Inevitably it involves a lot of questions about my story. It’s time consuming. And in the end the encounter usually just results in misunderstanding. You are from here on out labeled with that group of people as the adoptee with issues. The one who didn’t conform. […]

The exhaustion of telling our stories and the reactions we get.

Minding Hearts is building advocacy and peer support groups in each state.  The groups are created to raise awareness, educate, and advocate for those that might not otherwise be heard. We are here for encouragement, education, and support. We cannot give legal advice, but we can try and direct you in the right direction with your case. Links to legal services are listed with their states. Please share and let’s grow our groups. We are here to support families and develop resources that maintain family integrity. We look forward to your support. If you would rather become active by donating, then visit the donation page.

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