The “Abolition of Abortion in Louisiana Act of 2022” passed Louisiana’s House Committee for the Administration of Criminal Justice.

Louisiana’s House Committee for the Administration of Criminal Justice passed House Bill 813, the “Abolition of Abortion in Louisiana Act of 2022”. The bill makes abortion a criminal offense.  The bill was introduced by Republican State Representative Danny McCormick and states that the state should “Fully recognize the human personhood of an unborn child at all stages of development prior to birth from the moment of fertilization,” and “Ensure the right to life and equal protection of the laws to all unborn children from the moment of fertilization by protecting them by the same laws protecting other human beings”.

Louisiana House’s criminal justice committee approved the bill in a 7-2 vote. The bill will now proceed to the full House for debate and if passed will make abortion in Louisiana a homicide. The Louisiana bill also states “that any federal law, regulation or court ruling that allows abortion is void and that any judge who blocks enforcement of the bill’s provisions could be impeached”.

State Representative Danny McCormick, in February, posted on Facebook, “If more than 15 states can defy the federal government over marijuana, we can do it to save the lives of innocent babies”.

Homicide statutes will be amended if the Abolition of Abortion in Louisiana Act passes. Ellie Schilling, a pro-choice lawyer says the bill subjects women to prosecution, “This is saying that people can be charged with murder for any act that they take against their own pregnancy,” said Ellie Schilling.

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