Oregon Chief Administrative Judge arrested on 10 counts of encouraging child sex abuse.

Oregon Chief Administrative Judge Mann was arrested on 10 counts of encouraging child sex abuse.

Chief Administrative Law Judge John Mann (photo: Oregon state BAR)

“Oregon’s top judge for settling disputes between citizens and state agencies, Chief Administrative Law Judge John Mann was booked into Washington County Jail last month on ten counts of first-degree encouraging child sex abuse,” Garrett Watts, an evening producer NewsWatch 12 reported. Shortly after the arrest, Chief Administrative Judge John Mann was released on a $2,000 bail. “A spokesperson for Gov. Kate Brown said Mann had been placed on unpaid administrative leave amid the investigation”. Originally reported by the Associated Press, the Oregon Star, and NewsWatch 12,

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One thought on “Oregon Chief Administrative Judge arrested on 10 counts of encouraging child sex abuse.

  1. Woww! 1st time seeing this. WA State neighbor 🤢..
    -570 days & nights erroneously severed from my lil girl. She was 7 when she divulged. Systemic Failure, Institutional Betrayal, Community Abandonment, Court Complicit Corruption, Perjury, Vexatious & Abusive Litigation, Actions almost always Ex Parte, VAW.
    Taken @ 8 just 2 days after the Abuser & his Head Flying Monkey invaded my home, assaulting me B&B for a mo.
    The DA & law enforcement NEVER pursued prosecution to hold the perp(s) accountable, yet they’re seeking feloneus criminal charges against me, a Mom for hugging her daughter when she ran towards me!!
    Rejected by the States Northwest Justice Project CLEAR “5” Times due to no bandwidth!! “Just Comply” is what has been repeatedly stated! No probono available anywhere!
    The DV task force, Where? One DOESN’T EXIST!

    Seattle’s Epstein, http://www.goldbarreporter.com Countless judges and attorneys implicated for several years!
    An angry, controlling, woman hating, two time Penitentiary stayed, violent, convicted felon, with pedophile tendencies, a long history of chemical dependency, a mental health evaluation cautioning his preoccupation with me, previous 191 restrictions where overnights didn’t even start until kindergarten, and all of this was ignored, rejected, refused to even look; my daughter’s 10 now!

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