Biden Foundation for the Protection of Children did NOT spend the money on the children, allegedly.

The organization put only $544,961 in 2020 toward its stated purpose of protecting children from abuse.

Hunter Biden, President Joe Biden’s son is under investigation for possible tax fraud stemming from international business dealings while he was lobbying in 2018, so is the foundation that was started in memory of President Biden’s son Beau.

The Delaware based Beau Biden Foundation for the Protection of Children that conducts virtual and in-person workshops for adults starting at $500, and holds sessions for children on issues such as bullying and internet safety claims that it collected $3.9 million in 2020, and took in $225,000 from political donors, but does not show that it spent the money to help families and children.

“Despite the $2 million-plus windfall, the organization put only $544,961 in 2020 toward its stated purpose of protecting children from abuse”. Executives at the Biden Foundation, however, made over $932,865 that year, Melissa Klein reported. The NY Post list some of the salaries for us:

Patricia Dailey Lewis, who served as Delaware deputy attorney general under late AG Beau Biden, runs the non-profit and was paid $150,660 in 2020, including a $3,500 bonus, reports the Associated Press.

Joshua Alcorn, a longtime Democratic operative and consultant on both Beau Biden’s and Joe Biden’s political campaigns, served as COO and was paid $131,437. He has since stepped down.

“A 58 percent program ratio does not reflect a high level of financial efficiency,” said Laurie Styron, the executive director of CharityWatch.

Hunter Biden also served on the board of the Beau Biden charity in 2020 when his laptop was allegedly left at a computer repair shop with the Biden Foundation sticker on it.

FBI director Louis Freeh served on the board.

Biden’s daughter, Ashley, and Beau’s widow, Hallie Biden, were also on the board. The Associated Press reports that Hallie Biden is the only family member still on the board.

There has been some controversy over the 2020 tax filings of the nonprofit and following Joe Biden’s 2021 inauguration, the organization claimed that it would release the names of major contributors on its website and that it would not take money from lobbyists or foreign donors, but the NY Posts says that the Biden Foundation refused to provide a copy of its 2020 tax filing earlier in March stating that it would be made available on the Guidestar website. This week, the Biden Foundation released a document that includes a list of donors.

“The donors included the Masimo corporation, a medical device manufacturer, and the Masimo Foundation. Both are headed by Joe Kiani, who gave $750,000 to the pro-Biden Unite the Country PAC in 2020 and was named last year to a presidential advisory committee on science and technology. His company also has millions in government contracts, according to a report,” posted by the NY Post.

Hunter Biden helped with bioweapons in Ukraine, emails show.

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