Supporters gathered to keep Harmony Montgomery’s name and picture out.

There has not been a lot said about the disappearance of Harmony Montgomery over the last few weeks, but at an event held this weekend supporters showed up with purple ribbons at a state park in Manchester in  hopes of keeping Harmony’s name and picture in the public’s mind.

Crystal Sorey, Harmony’s biological mother says that she wants her daughter’s name on the minds of people across New England, “I’m trying to stay positive and hopeful,” Sorey told WMUR. “The whole point in all of this is I want her to know that she is loved and we are out here for her, even in the cold weather, you know?”.

“They claim that they called me. When?…..I’m in the process of getting all the phone records from 2019 to present to prove that I never got a voicemail and never received a phone call from them”.

Harmony has been missing since 2019. Where is Harmony Montgomery? The parents are not the only ones that failed Harmony. Children and Youth Services did too.

Harmony Montgomery is a 7-year-old girl that went missing from Manchester, New Hampshire in 2019. Her disappearance is just now being reported. Harmony Montgomery’s biological mother Crystal Sorey, told police that she lost custody of her daughter in July 2018 to the Massachusetts Department of Children and Families due to substance abuse, but that she is now sober and has been searching for Harmony since that time. Adam and Kayla Montgomery had custody of Harmony at the time of her disappearance. Both are in jail on unrelated charges. Police say that they only learned of Harmony’s disappearance just recently.

MPD has over three dozen officers still on Harmony Montgomery’s case. They say that “keeping Harmony Montgomery’s story from fading is priority for law enforcement”.

Manchester Police Chief Allen Aldenberg has a tipline open for anyone that has any information about what happened to Harmony Montgomery, (603)-203-6060.


Police seen digging around Harmony Montgomery’s home. Step-mother faces 9 new charges. Reward is now $100,000.

Where is Harmony Montgomery? The parents are not the only ones that failed Harmony. Children and Youth Services did too.

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One thought on “Supporters gathered to keep Harmony Montgomery’s name and picture out.

  1. Jesus says that anyone who causes a child to sin would be better off than having a millstone around his neck and thrown in the sea than meet Jesus on judgement day.


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