Troopers that tell the truth either get fired or have to retire? Testimony in the case of Ronald Greene.

This undated photo provided by the family of Ronald Greene in September 2020 shows Greene’s vehicle after it was released by the Louisiana State Police.
This undated photo provided by the family of Ronald Greene via the Baton Rouge chapter of the NAACP in September 2020 shows injuries on his body.

Testimony in the case of Ronald Greene who died in police custody following a pursuit by Louisiana State Police in Louisiana in 2019 shows how honest officers leave the force. Video finally obtained shows officers tazing and beating Ronald Breene to death, and then dragging him by his ankles. Senator Cleo Fields, of Baton Rouge said that when other Louisiana State Police employees come forward with information that is detrimental to the Louisiana State Police Department that they end up “in bad situations”.

”They end up either leaving or retiring from state police or they end up being fired. The thing that bothers me is, every time someone comes here and tries to tell the truth – every single time – and it really frustrates me – they end up either leaving or retiring from State Police or they end up being fired. And that angers me,” Fields said and suggested to LSP Troop F Lt. Johnny Brown that he hire a lawyer and not depend on the ones provided by the state.

Brown did not tell the legislators which officer he said should be fired, but he did testify that he told his immediate supervisor, Lt. Gary Beasley, that he thought one of the troopers in the Greene case should be arrested.

State Senator Katrina Jackson of Monroe then asked Brown who else in the state police chain of command knew of his suggestion that a trooper be arrested, but Senator Franklin Foil interrupted saying, “I don’t want to get involved at all with an ongoing investigation that could hurt what they are trying to do”.

Lt. Nick Manale, a spokesman for LSP refused to comment on the case stating. “Any circumstances related to a specific case in 2019 would likely be part of the ongoing federal investigation and LSP would not be able to provide additional information at this time,” Chris Rosato reported after following Brown’s testimony.

In Chris Rosato’s report, “explosive testimony”, he says that “Lt. Brown hinted that he was also banned from discussing the Greene case with the local district attorney, something that had never happened to him before”. Lt. Brown said that it is routine to meet with the district attorney to review facts but that he was instructed not to.

No arrests for the murder of Ronald Greene have been made though there is a federal investigation of the case. The AP posted three clips, totaling just over two minutes in length, from the video it says was 46 minutes long. Ronald Greene was not fighting police. He did ask them to stop and practically begged for his life to the uncaring officers LSP is covering.

Ronald Greene’s mother speaks to the committee.

AP finally obtains the footage.

Senator Fields listening to testimony.

State Trooper Chris Hollingsworth, who was served intent to terminate papers by Louisiana State Police died from injuries sustained in a single vehicle crash. Hollingsworth’s crash occurred hours after he was served the papers. State trooper at center of investigation into Black man’s death dies Tuesday from injuries in crash.

Louisiana Gov. John Bel Edwards (D) was told just hours after a Black man died in state police custody that officers had engaged in a “violent, lengthy struggle” with him, according to text messages obtained by the Associated Press, suggesting the governor may have knowingly withheld facts of the case from the public while police claimed the man died in a car crash.

Lawmaker says getting truth from State Police ‘shouldn’t be that hard’ amid Ronald Greene investigation.

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