Senator’s city councilman son allegedly sexually assaults a teen and then runs from the police.

Alan Moran Hancock County jail HANCOCK COUNTY JAIL

Alan Moran, a Diamondhead city councilman and the son of Mississippi State Senator, Philip Moran who owns Philip’s Pest Control is out of the Hancock County jail on a $5,000 bond after being arrested on misdemeanor charges of simple assault resulting in bodily injury and contributing to the delinquency of a child. Apparently, he allegedly sexually assaulted a teen boy and then ran from the police.

Margret Baker reports through the Sun Herald out of Biloxi Mississippi that the victim’s dad detained the Coast councilman, Alan Moran at the Kiln gas station after he allegedly sexually assaulted his 17-year-old teen on Valentine’s Day; “Moran is accused of inappropriately touching a 17-year-old teen’s genitals and allowing the minor to drink alcohol,” Baker reported.

Baker says that Moran’s arrest followed a report from the boy’s parents after the teen messaged them for help. The boy’s parents caught up with their son and Moran at the convenience store, where the teen’s father held Moran until sheriff’s investigators got to the scene to make the arrest.

Apparently, the boy works for the Moran’s at Philip’s Pest Control and thought that he was being trained for a job there. The teen had agreed to drive a mosquito truck after Moran told him that they were short-handed because it was Valentine’s Day. “After dropping off paperwork they drove to Philip Moran’s home where the teen told authorities Moran allegedly pulled out a sex toy and lubrication and asked the teen to have sexual contact. The teen declined Moran’s advance, the report said, and the two got back on the road. Moran, the report said, later stopped at a store and bought some beer. The teen told authorities he drank one of the beers. The alleged sexual assault occurred while the teen was driving. Moran, the report said, repeatedly reached down and touched the teen’s ‘inner thigh’ and ‘genitals’”.

The teen boy had already alerted his parents that he was in trouble and asked them to meet him at the Kiln convenience store where the boy’s father held Moran until officers got to the scene. Diamondhead City Councilman Alan Moran ran into a tall grassy area behind a building and threw his cell phone into the woods after Hancock Sheriff’s deputies arrived.

Jace Favre is either a police officer or a former police officer that was there that day. A friend of a friend posted this on Facebook and that is what caught my attention to this boy’s horrific ordeal. People from Mississippi are turning to social media to find justice and to raise awareness because the news media is so quiet about this and they don’t believe that it will happen in the courtroom.

Alan Moran ran from the police and threw the phone out into a wooded area. The deputies finally caught him and recovered the phone. Baker says that when deputies told Moran what he is charged with that he was surprised and replied, “that’s it?” and appeared to be ‘relieved’.

Alan Moran was elected Diamondhead Ward 2 Councilman in 2017 and was re-elected last year. His father Mississippi Senator Philip Moran was with him when he was sworn into office.

Another Facebook post reads:


Anyone who has information about the following or other issues about Councilman Moran:

Contacting juveniles for sexual purposes;

Unwanted touching of juveniles or adults for sexual purposes;

Solicitation of juveniles or adults for sexual purposes;

Sent photos or videos of a sexual nature to you;


If Philip Moran has provided payments to you or attempted to make payments to you to keep silent, please contact the sheriff’s office investigations at  228-466-6910.

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