Broken Arrow man that ran an international child trafficking enterprise leads to children being rescued throughout the US and Norway.

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Children were rescued in Arkansas, Missouri, Texas, Florida, Oklahoma, and in Norway after a transnational child trafficking recruiter was arrested in Broken Arrow. The child traffickers used online chatrooms to share pictures of the children being sexually abused. The Kik app was the child predator’s preferred app.

Special agent, Alvin M. Winston said, “FBI Agents in both Tulsa and Atlanta, along with task force partners discovered, investigated, and ultimately neutralized an international cabal of alleged child predators. The threat Mr. McAbee and his partners posed to children worldwide was thwarted by the relentless dedication of FBI investigators joining forces with detectives from Tulsa and Broken Arrow police departments.”

“The FBI observed that gaining membership in the group required showing photographic proof of having access to a child for the suspected purpose of sharing child sexual abuse material. Continued access to the group required members to produce and share images and videos of the members sexually abusing children. On July 24, 2021, McAbee is alleged to have posted a “live photo” to the group depicting the sexual abuse of a child.” (DOJ)

“McAbee told the FBI he held an administrative role in multiple groups, to include one specifically designed for sharing of explicit images and videos of children the members had physical access to. He allegedly stated that he had traded images of child sexual abuse that would be considered child pornography, to include the sexually explicit “live” image he sent of a child to the online chat group on July 24, 2021.”

The FBI arrested six people in November 2021:

FBI arrest – Cameron McAbee of Broken Arrow

FBI arrest – Eric McCants of San Antonio, Texas

FBI arrest – Michael McClure of DeFuniak Springs, Florida

FBI arrest – Jeffrey Prowant of Stone County, Missouri

Arkansas arrest – James Ray Bickerstaff of Siloam Springs, Arkansas

Law enforcement authorities in Norway arrested an unnamed subject

The FBI continues to investigate leads in at least four other states.

A global display of human trafficking as it happens can be found here

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9 thoughts on “Broken Arrow man that ran an international child trafficking enterprise leads to children being rescued throughout the US and Norway.

    1. It is creepy, I looked to see where these people worked and if they did and I’m not finding much. That’/s kind of creepy too. Mcabee said he was an administrator because he had access to children, and I can’t find where he worked! UGH!!! How did he have access to children?

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      1. Ooooo GROSS! Shame on him. I think the DOJ website showed that “a parent” was charged too. Oh, he was the parent Goodness… In August, Cameron Kelly McAbee, 31, of Broken Arrow, was charged in a federal indictment with child exploitation enterprise; sexual exploitation of a child by a parent; receipt and distribution of child pornography, and possession of child pornography in Indian Country.

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    2. I believe they did something to my twins n they seperated them n ripped then from an emotional needs pet n child care mom who raised them in church evil Santa Clara county kidknapoed disabled kids for profits they do fraud


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