CNN producer, John Griffin was a member of a pedophile ring that raped and groomed adopted children, and the FBI knew about it.

John Griffin's October 2020 mug shot for drunk driving arrest.
John Griffin’s October 2020 mug shot for drunk driving arrest. (Vermont State Police)

The FBI finally arrested the CNN producer, John Griffin, but they knew that he was raping and grooming foster and adopted children for two years before they finally arrested him! Reports show that he raped multiple children during that two years.

Investigators seized “computers storage media, devices, phones, cameras, MicroSD cards, images, and video” from Griffin on Sept. 2, 2020. A criminal complaint has been filed against an adoptive parent at the Henderson Justice Court in Nevada. The complaint details the adoptive mother horrifically abusing the adopted child. It is not the first time that horror stories from Nevada’s adoptive children have been brought to light.

“The victim’s biological mother discovered that the adoptive mother was logged in on her daughter’s smartphone.” “A man named John” had picked up the adopted 9-year-old from Nevada in Boston, Massachusetts after offering the adoptive parent $3,500 for the girl. He then drove the child to his $2 million vacation house in Vermont where he raped and began grooming her.

After finding the adoptive mother logged in on the child’s smartphone and discovering text messages discussing sex toys, bondage activities, her daughter and CNN’s John Griffin, the biological mother posted to social media accounts asking for help to find her daughter. She knew that the “adoptive mom” had to have taken her daughter to Vermont.

The 9-year-old was rescued and told a social worker that she watched her adoptive mother have sex with four men. One of the men was CNN’s John Griffin. The adopted mother then admitted to bringing the child to Vermont to meet John Griffin. She denied that the child was in the room for any of the sexual activities. Prosecutors say that John  Griffin watched as the adopted child perform lewd acts with the adoptive mother for three nights.

The “adoptive parent” now faces felony counts that include child abuse and sexual assault and lewdness with a minor. Not all of the charges are related to what happened in Vermont. John Griffin faces three counts of sex trafficking minors. What is really odd is that the DOJ is not releasing the child’s pimp, I mean “adoptive mother’s name”.


CNN producer’s John Griffin slapped with $15M child sex trafficking civil lawsuit.

Police are allegedly Seizing another CNN’s Suspected Pedo Producer’s Equipment.

Adoptive mother accused of exchanging a 9-year-old girl for $3,000 from John Griffin.

Mom wants to know why it took so long to arrest CNN’s John Griffin and says her daughter wants to advocate “for others like her”. The biological mother of the abused adopted 9-year-old speaks to reporters.

John Griffin, CNN producer is charged with sexually grooming young girls.

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17 thoughts on “CNN producer, John Griffin was a member of a pedophile ring that raped and groomed adopted children, and the FBI knew about it.

    1. I would think that too, but the biological mother turned to social media for help to find her daughter, and if the child will remain in state custody she will most likely be adopted again through a second chance ranch where her name and social security number could change again. That brings me to a whole other point because no one is keeping track of how many times a child is adopted out again because of “a bad fit”. and no one is tracking the monthly payments to know if that stops when it happens. Sometimes it doesn’t.

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      1. Yup Exactly my point. Children are more stable with biological families where their names and social security number are not changed on whims, and where they are not transported to strange places with strange people. Thanks for the comment


      1. How worse could it get?? She was raped, not by just him but the mother and three other men. These sicko’s should be given the death penalty. SHE WAS NINE!! (9)


  1. Death penalty for him, his partners and also the Law officers who supported this heinous crime.
    This is the way to depopulate, not with vaccine. Tell Fouchi and Bill Gates to give extra shots for them.


  2. time to have singapore punisment cut the skin caning,but hard paddling
    or razor strap for antifa bl m crime offenders.and then 3 6 mos in boot camp
    style ,napal type prison.they will comeout like little lambs,dont need yrs of soft


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