“Mikaela’s Law” to hold guardians ad litems accountable for what happens to children under their watch.

Evita Tolu testified that she has drafted “Mikaela’s Law” at a Joint House and Senate Committee saying that she needs help holding guardians ad litems accountable for what happens to children under their watch.

Mikaela’s Law.com Justice for Mikaela, Sara, Melissa, and Missouri Children. This video was created by John LaDue media producer for @fujbc Families United for Justice in Butler County Missouri. Thank you John and everyone for your support of MikaelasLaw.com

Evita Tolu testified at a Joint House and Senate Committee meeting on child abuse and neglect in Jeff City, Missouri on 11/16/21, on behalf of Mikaela and Sara Haynes. Mikaela took her own life to save her sister Sara after her father, Charles Michael Haynes had already pleaded guilty to molesting her step sister, Melissa Hogg.

Ms. Tolu says the court appointed guardian ad litem, Jennifer R. Williams arrogantly advocated for the child rapist, Charles Michael Haynes to stay out of prison! She asked for support to save Missouri children from sexual abuse, suicide, emotional abuse, and mutilation.

“Michaela Haynes, she took her life after she was repeatedly sexually abused by her father in the custody of DFS, and screaming to everyone please help me! Everyone pretended nothing happened. Michaela, to save her little sister took her life on December 1, 2013. Charles Michael Haynes was arrested for molesting his stepdaughter, and finally went to prison in December 2018”, said Evita Tolu.

Even after Charles Michael Haynes was arrested for molesting Mikaela’s sister Melissa Hogg in 2013, he continued to molest them, and accused their mother, Cindy Randolph of educational neglect. The children were taken into state custody and appointed a guardian ad litem, attorney Jennifer Williams in May of 2016,

“Williams testified in court that Cindy made up the sexual abuse allegations and said that Haynes should have access to his two biological daughters”, said Tolu. “The girls were placed with the molester’s 90-year-old mother. She was blind, deaf, and heavily medicated using painkillers and insomnia meds”.

“Michaela began cutting herself. Cindy took her daughter to the hospital for self-mutilation. At the hospital Michaela told everyone what was happening at her grandmother’s house. Williams, the court-appointed guardian seized the children from Cindy and put them in foster care. Williams then testified that the already convicted child sodomizer should be placed on probation instead of going to prison”

Cindy Randolph says the GAL, Jennifer Williams threatened the eldest daughter “with being taken away from their mother if they testified”. Then Cindy found out that Williams was taking money from Charles Haynes. Cindy says, “the children’s court appointed attorney was representing the deviant convicted child pedophile who molested the oldest sister, Michaela’s second sister Melissa, and then he molested Michaela herself and now there is one child left and guess what she is going to be molested unless we do something about it”.

Evita Tolu goes on to address immunity clauses in the judicial system that protect workers such as Jennifer Williams from being held accountable for what happened to them under her watch. “There is no reason this person needs immunity. We need to protect our children and not enrich those who represent them” Tolu said.

“I drafted the law that removes immunity from guardians ad litems. There is no reason why a Missouri licensed attorney should not be held accountable for the way that attorney represents a child. I need all the help I can get for this case.”

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2 thoughts on ““Mikaela’s Law” to hold guardians ad litems accountable for what happens to children under their watch.”

  1. I am also a mother,daughter,and most importantly a grandmother.the system is broke.only states implementing the FPS act are going to improve but all states should be implinebting it by now,law was passed in 2018.


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