Instead of Critical race theory let’s talk about time.

Even though I am white I consider myself to be culturally sensitive.

With so much in the news today about critical race theory and white privilege I have to say that even though I am white I can appreciate other cultures. White people are capable of assessing their own biases and thinking critically about what we see and hear. I won’t say that all white people take the time to assess every situation. Who has time? We are all busy with our own lives!

Some people are open minded, others can be closed minded. That is not a race issue. It’s not even a moral issue about race. Being open minded isn’t always a good thing. Though sometimes it can be. Sometimes an idea is worth considering and sometimes the idea is so bad that no one wants to talk about it. The idea doesn’t have to become a race or ethnic issue.

The issue of critical race theory and white privilege is just too controversial to say that it has to be accepted unless someone is racist. May be that parts of the theory apply sometimes and that some parts of the theory are true, but the theory like all other theories is not a one-size-fits-all that will fix the world. Many white people see the critical race theory as racists and feel like it is dividing the country by race even further.

It is not always appropriate to express every thought. It is okay not to speak feelings out loud. That is not to say that feelings should be suppressed to the point that they create anger or rage. Though it is okay to be outraged at times.

Having an open mind can lead to growth and improved relationships. It can also lead to tolerating behaviors that should not be accepted because it’s just not a healthy way to live. There is a difference between accepting a person for who and what they are and condoning their behavior. I like to consider the way that other people feel about particular things. It doesn’t mean that I have to feel the same way or agree.

Stereotyping a person because of their physical features is not something we should do. Take for instance a disabled person in a wheelchair. They may or may not need help opening a door and it would be inappropriate to just grab their wheelchair and start pushing them around without their consent. Why should we think that it is okay to force any ideas and thoughts on others?

Healthy discussions can stir emotions without creating dysfunctional drama. While it is true that we should consider how a coworker or friend felt about the last bright idea that we had, it is probably better to have an open mind the next time we approach them with a new idea. Just because someone doesn’t agree all of the time doesn’t mean that they will always disagree. It is possible to find common ground with people that disagree sometimes. All people share similar goals of some kind.

Time is something that has always fascinated me, but others never seem to want to talk about that. I feel like I have lived my life as a slave to time. This idea probably came about when I realized that other cultures think of time in various ways. Most countries live life in a hurry to be some place at a specific time while some cultures think of time in a different sense. Chinese people have a different understanding of time than Americans do. They think of time as a suggestion. It could be acceptable for something to arrive after a certain time because something else that is considered more important took precedence over the time on the clock. Some people in Papua New Guinea live in the present and do not think of the past as connected to the future at all.

The world is becoming more globalized than ever before. The internet and the ability to easily travel between different countries has raised awareness to different cultural views. America has been said to be the “melting pot” of the world because of the varying cultural differences of the people that make up the United States. Some people may think now that America is actually melting and falling apart, but I don’t think so. I think that Americans will learn to live with each other the way that we always have and with that being said I hope that people start talking about things like time and why it means so much to us and other important issues that all humans face.

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I love life and people. I am a daughter, mother, and a grandmother.

2 thoughts on “Instead of Critical race theory let’s talk about time.”

  1. I would never pay heed to an organization that starts off “even though I am white….” It reveals your bias immediately, no matter how worthy your cause. I am appalled at the breakdown of the family unit in this country. It is vastly more prevalent in the parts of society that have been showered with billions of dollars of largess in the name of the Great Society, which is an outlandish laugh. That money was used foolishly to create the problem we now have, not to fix it. We have allowed a highly dysfunctional education system to spend those dollars.


    1. That’s the problem. The theory says that because white people are white that something is wrong with them. That’s crazy. Imagine if white people said that something is wrong with another color of people because of their skin color…………That would be racist, so if it is racist when white people do it, why isn’t it racist when other races do it?


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