12-year-old Spanish-speaking adopted girl abused in adoptive placement by Kala Blakely who runs a family health care clinic.

Kala Blakey is accused of severely abusing a 12-year Spanish-speaking child she adopted.

Trussville Police Chief Eric Rush booked Kala Blakely who runs a family health care clinic in Moody, Alabama on severe child abuse and neglect charges of a 12-year-old Spanish-speaking girl she adopted. The nurse practitioner is held without bond on a charge of aggravated child abuse of a non-family member.

The adopted child is no longer in Blakely’s custody, but it is unclear who has custody of Blakely’s three other children.

Kala Blakely’s biography shows that she runs Hometown Family Medicine in Moody and served as an assistant professor at the School of Nursing. She received the Nurse Practitioner State Award for Excellence in 2018. How often do we hear about abusers receiving awards? (Sarcasism intended)

Trussville Police Chief Eric Rush said the girl was taken to Children’s of Alabama and that the hospital contacted the Alabama Department of Human Resources which then contacted Trussville police. Police, DHR, the Prescott House and the Jefferson County District Attorney’s Office say that Kala Blakely refused to follow the doctor’s orders after the child was released from the hospital.

The unnamed adopted child was taken into custody on January 21st with health issues, bruises, scratches, lacerations on her spine, legs, arms, and feet, and had lost a significant amount of weight. The police chief said “The details of this investigation are very disturbing to me…..Our detectives took this case and did an excellent job in protecting this child from further abuse.”

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