Biden Administration secretly flying children from the borders.

Why is President Joe Biden all of the New York Post and Fox news for secretly flying immigrant children to New York? Why is the Biden Administration secretly flying children anywhere?

It’s being reported that chartered flights from Texas carrying migrant children across the country has been “happening since May 2021 with some planes touching down in Florida to drop children off”. Who are they dropping children off too?

Texas Senator Ted Cruz of course blames Biden’s open border policies for the crisis. Why is the United States government picking undocumented immigrant children up at the border and flying them anywhere? Where are they going? Senator Cruz says that they knew children were going to planes but no one knows where they were going to.

Texas Special Operations Units are on the front lines at the Mexico border, but Ted Cruz reports that “the border patrol are not able to do their job”, and that the cartels are doing this. If the cartels are doing this, why is the Biden Administration flying the planes with the children in them?

Cruz goes further to say that the cartel (what cartel is unclear) “fired at the National Guard”. So who is firing at the United States National Guard and why are the children being loaded on planes in the middle of that kind of mess? Where are the children going?

Senator Cruz says it is a “pay to play human trafficking and drug deal and that the Biden Administration is making use of small airports to traffick the children”. Apparently smugglers from South and Central America are paying to use the planes. So how does the Biden Administration get blamed? He says the Biden Administration flew children from the border to Tennessee in May. There are no answers, but a Fox News report gave one days flight plan”

6:11 A.M. McAllen Texas to Mexico.

19:17 Back to McAllen and then to Florida.

7 P.M. Jacksonville Florida to West Chester New York.

The answer to who is flying the children where is still unclear.

Update 11/16/2021

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