UK police officer arrested, raped, and killed Sarah Everard after finishing his shift at the US embassy.

Protests outside the court criticised London's Metropolitan Police (AFP/Tolga Akmen)
Protests outside the court criticised London’s Metropolitan Police (AFP/Tolga Akmen)

A British police officer pretended to arrest a woman for violating covid restriction rules, kidnapped a woman that was “just walking home” from a friend’s house, then raped and killed her. Wayne Couzens, with the elite diplomatic protection unit of London’s Metropolitan Police, admitted kidnapping, raping, and killing Sarah Everard in July. Her strangled remains were found a week later in a wooded area.

Tom Little, the prosecutor says, ”Security camera footage showed Couzens targeted the 33-year-old marketing executive on March 3, after finishing a shift at the US embassy. Couzens, who was off-duty, but wearing his police belt, kidnapped Everard in a “false arrest”, by “handcuffing her and showing his warrant card”. Witnesses said they assumed an undercover police officer was making an arrest.

Sarah’s mother Susan said her daughter “lost her life because Couzens wanted to satisfy his perverted desires. It is a ridiculous reason. I am outraged that he masqueraded as a policeman in order to get what he wanted”.

Sarah’s father Jeremy, asked his daughter’s killer to look at him and then stated, ” No punishment that you receive will ever compare to the pain and torture that you have inflicted on us.”

Metropolitan Police felt betrayed and said they were “sickened, angered and devastated by this man’s crimes, which betray everything we stand for”.

Protestors set off smoke flares and held banners that said, “Met Police Blood On Your Hands”.

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