ASFA 1997 Incentivized Foster Care ~a result

ASFA is the adoption and safe families act set up by Hillary Clinton in 1997. ASFA is set up under CAPTA which is the child abuse and prevention act of 1974 and is set up under the Mondale Act of 1974. CAPTA will tell you how the system is set up. ASFA will show you the money. Also, look up “adoption incentive payments“.

From Analee Bobbitt;

Let’s break something down as far as Title IV-E goes. The Department makes a TON of money off our kids when they remove them. Incentive based kidnapping is the real plague in the states. I’ll use numbers based on where I live. First, they receive the report. Doesn’t matter how true or false it is. It’s their foot in the door to your livelihood. They’ll create a false claim of immediate danger because Title IV-E must have proof of a “Service plan” and they have to show reason for removal. Once removed the department gets paid $3k/child and $4k if they are disabled or handicapped.

That’s only within the first month. Afterwards, they take the children to doctors, psychologists, and therapists under their grant and pay. They claim one child as 3 to triple the money back on their efforts. Once again, libel and slander. Not to mention coercion and collusion.

Lastly, they put them into foster care such as emergency foster facilities or foster homes. No check are made for the welfare of the children so practically ANYTHING could happen to our babies and they exercise plausible deniability, yet won’t investigate the claims of the children or yourself if you find out.

The foster facility gets a check for $3k/mo per child. This is suppose to go towards food, medical and clothes. Yet time and again we see children with dirty or worn clothes, dirty faces, bruises and so on.

You may be wondering how much does 1 state’s “Department” gets out of all of this? Our state got $2.2 BILLION in August of 2020 alone!!! Scary huh? Sadly I’m sure it’s more in some other states but this is the real truth! Look it up. I’m sure you’ll find it. We need to protect our children from these kidnappers and abusers and speak out!!!

Contact your Senators, mayors, governors and all public officials about the corruption they are Blowing through their absolute refusal to act!!! Tell your Senators to REPEAL the Adoption and Safe Families Act and to return our children!! Remember these children are the future of our nation and if we give up now the future is lost! Speak out! BE HEARD!! DON’T GIVE UP!! ~ Annalee Bobbitt

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3 thoughts on “ASFA 1997 Incentivized Foster Care ~a result

  1. I need help my rights as a father are being violated! My 6 year old daughter was left with her mother living in a environment where there were substance abuse and child neglect concerns and CPS/DSS were aware of this starting on March 8 th of 2022 , a 8 year old boy had to call 911 because his mom was unresponsive and the sheriffs department came to her residence, she provided a urine test the following day that could not hold a temperature. I have joint legal custody of my daughter and I was never contacted by anyone to inform me my daughter was living in this type of environment. They contacted the aunt & uncle who is the one who eventually contacted me on 3/23 . At that point I called a employee from CPS & DSS and no one returned my calls. Then on 3/26 the mother overdosed on herion in her townhouse with her son in the house! My daughter was with me 2/1/2 hrs away and someone added my daughters name in on a safety assessment plan that was created the night of the 26th & signed on the 28th. I was told the night of this overdose I had to return my daughter to the aunt & uncle who have no legal rights of her. And she had not resided there in about 3 years ! I like the aunt & uncle They have been a huge help but my legal representation (Collin Heffern ) is not doing anything to help or protect my best Interest and there trying to charge me with child abused & neglect. And I filed for mediation/ custody on 10/26 because I was concerned about my daughters well being and the lack of communication and with her missing 10 days of school in a row and being enrolled 3 weeks late! Please help


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